Kemps Custard Donates ‘Sulli’s Sundaes’ to David Star

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Kemps Custard Donates ‘Sulli’s Sundaes’ to David Star

Jackson, WI- Eddie Bublitz, Mel’s Charities, Inc. Board Member shared the story of Sulli Maney, a K-3 student who received a liver transplant in 2017 and has endured a number of health issues related to the procedure. Mel’s contacted Kemps of Cedarburg and a sweet idea was born. 

In celebration of his return to school, Kemps donated,  delivered and served ice cream for everyone at David’s Star Evangelical Lutheran School on Thursday, May 10. 

“Thank you to Kemps and Mel’s Charities for all your support and kindness,” said Jessica Maney, Sulli’s mother. 

Over 150 students and faculty created the sundae of their choice.

“Who wouldn’t want a Sulli Sundae at 10 am,” Principal Timothy Gustafson said.