Not too Serious, Except the Impact

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Not too Serious, Except the Impact

I received some great advice many years ago: “Work as though everything depends on you.  Pray as though everything depends on God.”  I can’t help but think that whether they realize it or not, the folks at Mel’s Charities are living that wise counsel each day - at least that was the impression I left with after visiting with LW alumnus and Mel’s Charities Digital Media Manager, Kevin Winter.              

Kevin has served in this role for just over a year now and has stepped in as an integral contributor to the work done at Mel’s Charities in Grafton.  For the eleven annual community fundraising events planned and executed each year by Mel’s Charities, Kevin serves as graphic designer and sponsor liaison for pre-event tasks, as well as heading up the gathering of media coverage during each event so their story can be told. He follows up each event with social media and coordinates volunteers who help express thanks to the many sponsors and supporters of Mel’s Charities events.

Mel’s Charities founder and Executive Director, Tom “Mel” Stanton beams over the addition of Kevin to his effort.  “Kevin takes us to a new level.  We operate so much more efficiently, and I’m freed up to work toward growing our cause.”

I could wrap up this Profile in Service with the impact Mel’s Charities has had on the community through the over $850,000 in donations to local charities since the first impromptu $350 effort in 1999 at a hog roast...but that doesn’t tell full the story.  

Kevin and Tom pride themselves on having fun, not taking themselves too seriously, while working tirelessly and joyfully to honor and serve their Lord through meaningful impact on the community including a growing weekly bible study on site, impacting the lives of special needs friends as they are included as contributors to the effort, and, whether they realize or not, living the wise counsel I was taught years ago.  

I showed up at Mel’s Charities hoping to honor Kevin and Mel’s Charities with a little recognition.  I left committing to stay connected for myself and LW, knowing the honor was mine.

Submitted by Dave Miskimen, LWLHS Principal